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The set includes all necessary devices and materials for montage (wires, pipes, fittings), EXCEPT  FOR a compressor for the expander  and a steam generator. The montage is supervised by our engineer. You will additionally need two welders, two electricians, two hodmen,  a forwarder and future staff as they will be taught working with the machinery by our engineer. Engineer’s service is included into the equipment price. The travel allowance, tickets and accommodation are paid separately. For more information, please, contact us.

8-производительность-кубы_новый размер   Line performance - 40 m3 per an 8-hour shift. Polystyrene weight - from 7 to 40 kilos/m3.

19-срок-компл-6_новый размер   The line is produced within 45 calendar days. The prepay is 35%.

21-требуется-шеф-монтаж_новый размер    Erection supervision is mandatory. The cost is included into the set price. The period of montage is 7-10 days.

Бесплатная-доставка-до-терминала-ТК_новый размер   The delivery is paid separately. For transportation you will need a eurowaggon or a 40-ton container.

22-гарантия-год_новый размер   The warranty for the line is one year at 24-hour a day operation.

Additional information about the foam plastic manufacture line
1. Room required from 130m2 with height of 4,5m, heated
2. Minimum indoor temperature +18 С
3. Staff required  2-3 people
4. Connection voltage, line power 380 volts, under 30 kw (without steam generator)
5. Water consumption under 2000 littres per 8 hours
6. You will need to buy additionally steam generator (price from 3400 usd.)
7. Sewerage optional
8. Sheet sizes on different molds. Only one mold  is included into the set. The additional block mold is paid separately. 2000х1000х(1-500)mm and 2700х1150х(1-500)mm (SIP).


Set includes:

Pre-expander PC-02 is meant for initial and secondary expannsion of EPS-granules at foam plastic manufacture. The process of pre-expansion icludes the following: initial granules when loaded into pre-expander increase in size by 50 times under the action of diffusing saturated water steam. The temperature inside the pre-expander is from 90 to 120 degrees. A cyclic pre-expander PC-02  treats the raw materials in cycles i.e. a certain amount of raw material is loaded into the machine, the chamber is closed and then steam is delivered. After that, when the raw material is exanded to a certain level, the pre-expander is opened and discharged. Then the cycle is repeated. The use of cyclic pre-expander allows to produce foam plastic with specific weight of 7-8 kilos per m3 with sable good quality of material.

The cyclic pre-expander consists of a working chamber, a frame, a central shaft, dies (draw plates), an unloading hatch, a maintainance hatch (for cleaning). The granules are continuously mixed in the pre-expander chamber by central shaft blades. The pre-expander has a glass window to control the work. The steam is delivered through die holes in the bottom part of the chamber.
The pre-expander has an electronic batching system for raw material, which ensures high precision of performaance of the machine. Loading of the working chamber is performed automatically. Measuring of the raw material for loading is performed automatically. Unloading is also performed automatically. The control board is supplied with the machine.

Pre-expander control board includes:

1. Ajustment of automatic raw material supply (automatic opening of the hatch for raw material supply to the pre-expander).

2. Unit of unloading control

3. Automatic pressure control inside the chamber

4. Thermal sensors for two lines: the upper part of the chamber, the bottom part of the chamber

5. Drying chamber control

6. Pneumatic pipeline control

The pre-expander is supplied with a drying receiving bin equipped with pneumatic pipeline system for 4 bins. The receiving bin is the starting point for the pneumatic pipeline from the pre-expander to the maturing hoppers (bins). A drying bin is a steelwork of two chambers. The expanded raw material when going out of the pre-expander, gets into the chamber where the "boiling layer" of expanded polystyrene is formed. Slightly dried EPS granules move by gravity to the second chamber. Then the pneumatic pipeline supplies them to the maturing hoppers..

The pre-expander is supplied with the neumatic pipeline for 4 maturing hoppers and for the secondary expansion. If necessary, the number of pipilines can be increased. The delivery set includes 6 fans, 50 meters of pipe (200 mm diameter), 5 Venture pipes, angle caps.

Maintainance works for the pre-expander for manufacturing foam plastic (foam polystyrene) include the following
- daily cleaning of the pre-expander working chamber
- daily steam outlet control and cleaning
- weekly bearing greasing

Pre-expander supply set
1. Pre-expander PC-02
2. Pre-expander certificate (passport)
3. Control board
4. Receiving bin-dryer
5. Pneumatic pipeline for 4 hoppers

Pre-expander specifications:

Consumed power

under 4 kw

Supply voltage


Working chamber volume

1300 littres

Loading chamber volume

50 littres


up to 12 m3 per hour, weight - 15 g/littre

Pre-expander size  L*W*H

1300 х1100 х 2100 mm

Pre expander weight 

under 350 kilos


1 person

Warranrty for the pre-expander  - 1 year



A liner bag of breaker fabric is to be used in the maturing hoppers for EPS granules after expnding at manufacturing of polystyrene. A bag is a hose made several pieces of fabric. Breaker fabric is a cotton fabric, technical, not whitenned, of plain weave. The service life of a liner bag for the EPS maturing hopper is not less than 10 years. It does not need any service.

The liner bag N1 for the EPS maturing hopper for manufacturing polystyrene consists of 11 bands of breaker fabric of 100 cm width and 5,5 m length. Maximum EPS maturing hopper volume for such liner bags to stretch is 30 m3. The recommended maturing hopper volume for the standard liner bag is 25 m3.

The liner bag N2 for the intermediate hoppers consists of 7 breaker fabric bands 100 cm wide and 4 meters long. The recommended hopper volume is 4-5 m. The liner bag is fixed in the maturing hopper by the plastic buckles.


Molding of foam plastic blocks is performed in a block mold under pressure of water steam. When being heated, PCV granules start increasing their volume.As soon as a block mold is a closed unit PCV-granules start sticking together. Block molds BF 0.1 and BF "SIP" differ just in the size of the sheet they produce. Their construction and performance are identical. A block mold of BF series consists of a bottom with a tightly fixed side, two opening end doors, a tip-up side and a lid (a cover). The lid of the block mold has an electric drive. The end doors, the cover and sides are fixed on reignforced hinges. All parts  of block molds are closed by strong turnbuckles. Collectors of steampipe are mounted into the sides of block molds.

The time of starting operation mode is 5-10 minutes. All block molds have a block allowance in length and height. It allows to produce sheets with perfect geometry. After molding a foam plastic block, PVC granules can experience a residual expansion process. It can cause a certain block deformation. All roughnesses are cut by a foam plastic cutting machine, thus producing a perfect geometry sheet. All trimming are to be reused.  Charging and discharging of BF block molds is done manually. Clock somplete production cycle of one foam plastic blocks takes under 12 minutes.

The distinctive featurres of our block molds are their exceptional reliabity and hight quality of their assembly. During the period of our work we have mounted over 700 block molds which has given us a diverse experience in designing and mounting such block molds. The montage should be performed stricktly under surpersion of our technologist. The BF series block mold is delivered assembled.

The BF block mold delivery set includes:

1. An assembled block mold

2. A block mold certificate (passport)

3. Teflon coating

Teflon coating prrotects a foam plastic sheet from sticking to a block mold. It shorts the production cycle and the block mold service time. f9729b0185c462b3a64560e3aa90dc8e


Specifications of BF series block molds




BF 1.0


Produced block size L*W*H mm



Produced block volume m3



Block mold size L*W*H mm



Weight under kilos



Productivity cycles/per hour not  less than


Steam expenditure per 1m3 of foam plastic

25 - 50 kilos

Maximum pressure atm


Operating pressure atm




Produced foam plastic density kg (massiveness)

7 - 40

Staff (people) 



3 years

The steam accumulator is used for water steam accumulation at foam plastic manufacturing. The steam accumulator is necessary for a so-called "heat strike" It allows to reduce the foam plastic block molding and improve the production quality. The steam accumulator, as opposed to the recievers, has an interior construction which the item to accumulate steam and turn it into water in the process of boiling. meanwhile, the boiling temperature is 140-150 degrees Celsius under the pressure of 4-5 atm instead of usual 100 degrees. At the moment of opening the steam pipeline tap on block mold, the inner and outer pressure is levelled. As a result, the water in the steam accumulator turns into steam within 0,1 sec. It enalbles to fill the block mold with water steam instead of air within 1 second. It is the so-called "heat strike". Such a fast steam treatment enables to reduce the foam plastic block molding time up to 40-60 seconds.

Steam accumulator is delivered assembled. The mounting of the steam accumulator should be performed STRICKTLY under supervision of our technologist.

Steam accumulator specifications:

Volume 700 littres
Working pressure 4 - 5 atm
Maximum pressure 10 atm
Size  L*W*H 2800 х750 х 1050 mm
Weight under 150 kilos

Warranty for the steam accumulator    - 3 years.

Closed cyclle vacuum pumping station. The station is meant for cooling the block molding after molding of foam plastic.When steam is supplied to the block mold, granules start expanding and sticking together. The process of expanding takes place as long as water steam is supplied and the temperature is above 70 degree Celcius. The process of sticking takes under 1 miinute whereas natural cooling can take up to 30-40 minutes. If the block is removed out of the mold before it has been cooled, the expansion will go on the block will lose the intended shape and might look as a sphere.

Delivery set:

1. Vacuum pump 1 item
2. Vacuum pump reciever 1 item
3. Pumping station 1 item
4. Plastic cube of 1000 littres volume 1 item
5. Supports for the pump and the station 2 item.


Specifications of the vacuum pumping station:

Vacuum productivity 3m3\min
Installed capacity 6,5 kw
Supply voltage 380V
Weight under 350 kilo

Warranty for the pumping station - 1 year.

The macine C-09 AUTO is meant for cutting foam plastic. The machine C-09 is a welded frame with two moving gantries with nichrome thread threads fixed on them. Threads tension is regulated by springs. Gantry moving is automatic. Incandecsance and speed are controlled by the control board included into the delivery set.

Nichrome thread diameter for linear cutting can be from 0.3 to 0.8 mm. The thickness of horizontal cutting is regulated with a screw-thread with an icrement of 1 mm. The machine is equipped with horizontal and vertical limit switches to limit the gantries movement. Temperature settings for cutting threads can be stored in the control board memory. The time of starting operation mode for the machine C-09 is 1 minute.

The distinctive features of our machines for cutting foam plastic is the simplicity of construction and contemporary materials used for their production. It ensures their reliability and smooth operation.

The machine C-09 is delivered unassembled. To start work you will just need to assamble the machine under supervision of our technologist and connect to electricity.

The delivery set of the machine for cutting foam plastic:

1. Machine С-09 AUTO unassembled

2. Nichrome thread - 50m

3. Control board

4. Machine certificate (passport)

Specifications of the machine for cutting foam plastic С-09 AUTO:

Power consumption

up to 4 k/vatt per hour
Supply voltage  380V
Number horizontal of cutting threads   up to 10
Number of front cutting threads 2 + 1
Workig area С-09 AUTO (SIP) L*W*H    2100 (3000) х  1100 (1300) х 700 mm
Length of cutting threads 1100mm (1300mm)
Cutting speed 0 - 100mm\sec (average 20mm\sec)
Actual cutting precision 0,5mm
Cuttting threads heating regulation 0 - 100% with increment of 1%
Size of assembled machine  L*W*H 3200 х1500 х 1300mm
Size of  SIP machine 4200х1700х1300mm
Weight of machine  under 100 kilos
Staff  1 person

Warranty for foam plastic cutting machine - 1 year

The mill is meant for crushing foam plastic wastes which appear at cutting a foam plastic block. The mill is composed of a metalic body, an electric motor, with two knives on the shaft and four back knives fixed on the mill body and a removable caliber grid. The material to be crushed is delivered from above through the limiters. The shaft with the crushing knives, while rotating, breaks a piece of foam plastic into smal particles with the back knives.Crushing fraction depends on a partition of the caliber grid. Normally the mill is supplied with the grid of 15*20 mm partition.

Mill supply set:

1. Foam plastic waste mill D-05

2. Mill certificate (passport)

Specifications of the mill D-05:

Power consumption

5 kw

Supply voltage



1- 5 m3 per hour 

Mill size  L*W*H

1500х400х1000 mm


under 100 kilos

Service staff

1 person

Warranty for the mil- 1 year.

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