PVC sandwich panels

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The set includes all necessary devices and materials for montage (wires, pipes, fittings). The montage is supervised by our engineer. You will additionally need two electricians, two hodmen,  a forwarder and future staff as they will be taught working with the machinery by our engineer. Engineer’s service is included into the equipment price. The travel allowance, tickets and accommodation are paid separately. For more information, please, contact us.

11-производительность-шт_новый размер   Line productvity - up to 120 PVC sandwich panels per 8 hours. Panel size - 3000*1500*10 mm.

19-срок-компл-6_новый размер   The line is produced within 45 calendar days. The prepay is 35 %. 

21-требуется-шеф-монтаж_новый размер   Erection supervision is mandatory. The cost is included into the set price. The period of montage is 2-3 days.

Бесплатная-доставка-до-терминала-ТК_новый размер   The delivery is paid separately. For transportation you will need a eurowaggon or a 20-ton container.

22-гарантия-год_новый размер   The warranty for the line is 12 months at 24-hours work


Additional information on foam plastic reinforcement line
1. Room required from 150 m2 with 2.5 meters height, heated
2. Minimum room temperature required +18 C
3. Staff required   2 people
4. Connection voltage, Line power 220 volts, under 10 kw
5. Water consumption  under 200 littres per 8 hours
6. Sewerage  optional

Set includes:

The machine СNК - 02 AUTO is meant for automatic glue pasting on the surface of plastic and foam plastic at manufacturing PVC sandwich panels. The machine is a bulk metal frame with a moving gantry fixed on it. The gantry moves on the rollers on the special guideways. The gantry is electric driven by a chain drive. The speed is controlled by the control board. The gantry reset is performed automatically. When reaching the extreme point, the gantry stops automatically. The gantry is equipped with a syrinx with orifices for glue and three water sprayers. A barrel with glue is set by the machine. The machine is equipped with two cylinders for removing the redundant air before pressing.

The glue and water supply is switched-on and switched-off in automatic mode. The gantry speed control and the machine switching-on and switching-off is performed by the control board fixed the machine framework. The orifices are fixed on the syrinx with the interval of 20 mm, we can change the interval if it is necessary. The pasting-up zone is controlled by the limit switches from the sides of 1500 and by the orifices from the sides of 3000 mm. Water is supplied through the ball valve.

The delivery set of the automatic machine Gluer СNK-02 AUTO 

- The machine assembled

- The control board

- The machine certificate (passport) 

The machine’s specifications:

Size LхWхH



200 кг

Working area 


Pasting-up time for one sheet

10-15 сек

Supply voltage 

380V (special orders  220V)

Power consumption 



2 people

Warranty for the gluer - 1 year.


The mechanic screw press PVM - 03 is meant for pressing PVC sandwich panels. The press glues and removes the redundant glue and air at manufacturing plastic sandwich panels. Gluing and removing the excess glue happens due to pressing two plates of the press PVM-03 by the mechanic screw-jacks. The curing time for the sandwich panel can vary from 1 to 60 minutes depending on the type of glue used. The press is strong rectangular metalwork with two moving platforms. The lower platform is lifted and dropped by the mechanic winch. Six mechanic screw-jacks are set above the upper platform. They drive the pressing of PVC sandwich panels.

Specifications of the Press PVM - 03 for manufacturing PVC sandwich panels

Working area LхWхH

3200 х 1500 mm

Assembled press size LхWхH

3400 х1700х2200 mm

Maximum bootstrap of 10-mm PVC sandwich panels  ПВХ Pile height

60 items. (600mm)

Press weight

under 200 kilos


2 people

Warranty for the press  - 3 years


A polystyrene cutting machine С-07 AUTO is meant for cutting blocks of foam plastic (polystyrene or extrusion) into sheets of certain thickness. Cutting of a foam plastic block is performed by thermal method with a Nichrome thread. The Nichrome thread diameter for linear foam plastic cutting can vary from 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm. Nichrome thread heat and foam plastic block cutting speed are controlled electronically by the machine control board C-07 which is included into the delivery set. The machine С-07 for manufacturing plastic sandwich panels is a bulk metal frame with a moving gantry with cutting Nichrome threads fixed on it. The threads are fixed on the easily removable carriages with the set cutting thickness of 8, 22 and 30mm (sizes can be changed to meet a customer’s requirements). The gantry is moved over the frame by a motor reducer and a pulling cable.

The delivery set for the polystyrene cutting machine C-07 AUTO:
1. The machine С-07AUTO unassembled
2. Calibrated carriages - 3 s (6 items)
3. Nichrome thread – 50m
4. The machine control board
5. The machine certificate (passport)

Specifications of the polystyrene cutting machine С-07 AUTO:

Power consumption 

up to 4 kw\hour

Supply voltage


The number of horizontal cutting threads

up to 10

The number of front cutting threads


Working area LхWхH

3100 х 600 х 1100mm

Cutting threads length


Cutting speed

0 – 100mm\sec (average 20mm\sec)



Cutting threads heating control

0 - 100% with 1% increasement

Assembled machine size LхWхH

4200 х1200 х 1200mm

Machine weight

under 100 kilos



Warranty for the polystyrene cutting – 1year.


The milling machine for cutting grooves on the polystypene sheet at anufacturing PVC sandwich panels. Cutting grooves on the foam plastic sheets is necessary to remove the excess glue and air at pressing sandwich panels. When the panels are pressed the redundant glue and air removed into the grooves thus improving the quality of the panels produced. The milling-machine can be used to mill any kind of foam plastic - polystyrene, extruded foam plastic etc.The milling-mchine C-08 for foam plastic is a metal board. The milling-machine board is equipped with rwo shafts with cutting elements - cirlular saws.The shafts of the milling-machine for manufacturing foam plastic is fixed on the supporting bearings. The torque is passed from the engines to the sshafts through the flexible coupling.
The cutting elements of the milling-machine for manufacturing plastic sandwich panels are staffed with protective covers which protect workers from traumas and mutilations. The use of machinery without protective covers is STRICKTLY PHOHIBITED. The protective covers are staffed with outlets for connecting a vacuum cleaner to remove shavings. The board of the milling machine for manufacturing plastic panels is equipped with removeable metal guideways which allow to place the treated sheet precisely and ensure the excellent quality and 100 per cent precision of milling. The milling machine C-08 for manufacturing plastic panels has a double system of height control of the treated foam plastic sheets. One setting allows to control the presser sheet height. The second allows to change the milling depth.

The delivery of the milling machine includes:

  • The machine C-08 assembled
  • The machine certificate (passport)

Specifications of the milling-machnie C-08:

Power consumption under 0,36 kw/ hour
Voltage supply 380V
Starter Magnetic switch
Operating speed of the machine 1350 rev/min
Number of shafts 2 items.
Working area  L*W*H unlimited*600*0-100 mm
Number of operating saws 2 х 15 items.
Milling speed over 500 running meters
Size of the assembled machine  - L*W*H 1100 х 1100 х 1200 mm
Weight of the machine under 70 kilos
Service staff 2 people

Warranty for the milling-machine – 1year.

Dust collector (vacuum cleaner) for collecting foam plastic shavings is meant for working with machinery for cutting and milling foam plastic. It consists of the basement, the faucet, the hose, the fan, the magnetic switch, the filter bag and the bag for collecting shavings.The delivery set includes the tee and the corrugated pipe of 100 mm diameter for convinient mantage.
The delivery set of the dust collector (vacuum cleaner)
1. Dust collector
2. Corrugated pipe  - 5 meters
3. Zinc plated tee
4. Passport
Dust collector for milling-machine specifications
Power consumption 750 wt/hour
Voltage supply 220V
Suction port diameter 100mm
Air consumption 14,2 m3 / hour
Suction vacuum 0,01 atm
Fan diameter 230 mm
Size L*W*H 900 * 390*1250 mm
Bag volume 0,05 m3
Weight 30 kilos

Warranty for the vacuum cleaner – 1year.

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