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The set includes all necessary devices and materials for montage (wires, pipes, fittings), EXCEPT  FOR a compressor for the block mold  and a steam generator. The montage is supervised by our engineer. You will additionally need two welders, two electricians, two hodmen,  a forwarder and future staff as they will be taught working with the machinery by our engineer. Engineer’s service is included into the equipment price. The travel allowance, tickets and accommodation are paid separately. For more information, please, contact us.

11-производительность-шт_новый размер   Line productvity - up to 100 klinker thermopanels per 8 hours.

20-срок-компл-8_новый размер   The line is produced within 60 calendar days. The prepay is 35 %.

21-требуется-шеф-монтаж_новый размер   Erection supervision is mandatory. The cost is included into the set price. The period of montage is 5-7 days.

Бесплатная-доставка-до-терминала-ТК_новый размер   The delivery is paid separately. For transportation you will need a eurowaggon or a 20-ton container.

22-гарантия-год_новый размер   The warranty for the line is 12 months at 24-hours work


Additional information on the Klinker thermopanels line
1. Room required from 100 m2 with 4 meters height, heated
2. Minimum room temperature required +18 C
3. Staff required  2 people
4. Connection voltage, Line power 380 volts, under 30  kw without a steam generator
5. Water consumption  under 500 per 8 hours
6. You will also need to buy a steam generator
7. You will need to produce a frame of the maturing hopper for the room area
8. Sewerage optional

Set includes:

Formwork BFK–01 (cruise), BFK-03 (angular). Formwork BFK is intended for the production of lining thermo panels of foam plastic with clinker tiles. The panel if formed in the formwork. Clinker tiles are fixed to the foam plastic through the dovetailed groove. Thermo panels are formed under the action of steam coming from the steam generator through the steam accumulator. The formwork has the lifting lid of the chamber and the matrix for clinker tiles. The chamber of the formwork is mounted on the frame. The bottom of the formwork is provided with pushers which push the formed thermo panel from the formwork. The side stacks and the lid are equipped with collectors, through which steam is fed. 

Complete production cycle of one thermo panel is not more than 3 - 4 minutes. This cycle includes:

  1. Loading of formwork – automatic – 20 – 30 sec.
  2. Feeding of steam into formwork – automatic – 20 – 40 sec.
  3. Vacuum treatment – automatic – 30 – 40 sec.
  4. Unloading of panel – manual – 20 sec.

Capacity of formwork directly depends on steam quality, quality of raw materials, experience (skills) of personnel. There are frames for tiles in the bottom part of the formwork. Size of frames is adjusted depending on size of the tile. At the bottom of the formwork, there are special plastic sleeves, through which the panel is to be mounted to the wall.
Supply package of formwork for production of clinker thermo panels includes a control panel. The control panel includes the following functions: 

  1. Unit of automatic loading of form
  2. Unit of automatic feed of steam into the formwork
  3. Unit of automatic switching-on of vacuum pump.
  4. Cycle end alarm
  5. Controller
  6. Temperature detectors
  7. Omni-polar switches

Supply package of formwork includes:

  1. Assembled formwork
  2. Formwork control panel
  3. Formwork certificate

Specifications of formwork:

The formwork is available in two versions: cruise (01), angular (03). It comes with only one form for cruise panels BFK-01. In addition, we recommend you to purchase the form for angular panels BFK-03. Price of one formwork is 650 000 rubles.

Specifications of formworks:


BFK - 01    

BFK - 03   

Dimensions of formwork (Length X Width X Height), not more than,  mm



Weight of formwork, not more than, kg



Installed electric power, kW



Supply voltage, V



Capacity, not more than, cycles per hour



Steam consumption for 1 forming, not more than, kg



Maximum density of obtained foam plastic, kg\cube





Operating staff, person


Warranty period for formwork is 1 year.

Prefoaming device is designed for primary (single or multiple) processing of raw material in the production of foam plastic or polystyrene concrete. This process is called prefoaming. Prefoaming process is as follows: primary granulated material falling into the prefoaming device, under the action of diffusing saturated steam, increases in size up to 50 times. Steam temperature inside the prefoaming device ranges from 90 to 120 degrees. Prefoaming device PN-04 consists of working chamber, bed, feed screw, central shaft, draw die, discharge chute, access cover, discharge hopper, steam generator, pump. Prefoaming device PN-04 comes fully assembled. 

Routine maintenance of prefoaming device PN-04:
- daily cleaning of working chamber of prefoaming device
- daily control of steam outlet holes
- lubrication of bearings once a week

Prefoaming device supply package:
1. Prefoaming device PN-04 

  1. Prefoaming device certificate
  2. Receiving bin
  3. Pressure-pneumatic system

Specifications of the prefoaming device PN-04:

Power input

not more than 17 kW

Supply voltage

380 V

Volume of working chamber

300 L

Volume of charging hopper

60 L


up to 6 m3 per hour

Dimensions (Length X Width X Height)

1200 х700 х 1900 mm

Weight of prefoaming device

not more than 100 kg

Operating staff

1 person

Warranty period for prefoaming device is 1 year.

Liner bag of breaker fabric is designed for use in bins for storing of EPS granules after foaming at production of polystyrene foam. The bag is a sleeve made out of several fabric pieces. Length and number of parts of the liner bag vary depending on the bin in which it is used. Breaker fabric is cotton, technical, unbleached plain weave fabric. We produce two types of bags: liner bag No.1 for EPS storing bin and liner bag No.2 for intermediate bin (for formwork (formwork) or for secondary foaming). 

Liner bag No.1 for EPS storing bin at production of polystyrene foam consists of 11 breaker fabric strips with width of 100 cm and length of 5.5 m. Maximum volume of EPS storing bin, where the liner bag can be stretched, is 30 m3. Recommended volume of bin for standard bag is 25 m3.

Liner bag No.2 for intermediate bins consists of 7 breaker fabric strips with width of 100 cm and length of 4 m. Recommended volume of bin is 4 - 5 m3. The liner bag is fixed in the storing bin with the help of plastic ties. 

Warranty period for storing bin bag is 1 year.

Closed cycle vacuum pumping station. The station is designed to cool the formwork (formwork) after forming. After feeding of steam into the formwork (formwork), the polystyrene foam granules begin to expand soldering together. The expansion process takes place as long as the steam is inside the formwork (formwork) and the temperature is kept above 70 degrees. The process of granules soldering takes less than one minute and the natural cooling process of the block can last up to thirty - forty minutes. To reduce the cooling time of the formwork (formwork), it is necessary to use vacuum.

The pumping station includes:

  1. Vacuum pump

1 pc

  1. Receiver of vacuum pump

1 pc

  1. Pumping station

1 pc

  1. Plastic container 200 l

1 pc

  1. Support stands for pump and station

2 pcs

Specifications of vacuum pumping station:

Capacity of vacuum         

3 m3\min

Installed electric power

6.5 kW

Supply voltage

380 V


not more than 350 kg

Warranty period for vacuum pumping station is 1 year.

Steam accumulator at production of foam plastic is used for accumulation of steam. Steam accumulator at production of foam plastic serves for “thermal shock”. Usage of steam accumulator allows reducing the time of forming of foam plastic block and improving the quality of obtained product. The steam accumulator has an internal device (in contrast with receivers) providing the steam, collecting inside the vessel, turns into water, which boils. In this case the water boiling temperature is not 100 degrees, as usual, but 140 - 150 degrees Celsius at a pressure of 4 - 5 atm. At the moment of opening the cock on the formwork (formwork) steam line, external and internal pressures are balanced. As a result, the water in the steam accumulator turns into steam during 0.1 sec. Due to this process, it is possible during the minimum time (max 1 sec) to make a complete substitution of the air present in the formwork (formwork) with steam. It is called “thermal shock”. Such rapid steaming of the whole block in the production of foam plastic reduces the time of the foam plastic forming to 20-40 seconds.

Specifications of steam accumulator.


700 l

Operating pressure

4 - 5 atm

Maximum pressure

10 atm

Overall dimensions (Length X Width X Height)

2800 х750 х 1050 mm


not more than 150 kg


Warranty period for steam accumulator is 3 years.

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