Foam plastic reinforcement

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The set includes all necessary devices and materials for montage (wires, pipes, fittings). The montage is supervised by our engineer. You will additionally need two electricians, two hodmen, a forwarder and future staff as they will be taught working with the machinery by our engineer. Engineer’s service is included into the equipment price. The travel allowance, tickets and accommodation are paid separately. For more information, please, contact us.

10-производительность-мп_новый размер   Line productvity - up to 500 running meters of any configuration shape per 8 hours.

18-срок-комплектации-4_новый размер   The line is produced within 30 calendar days. The prepay is 35%. 

21-требуется-шеф-монтаж_новый размер   Erection supervision is mandatory. The cost is included into the set price. The period of montage is 2-3 days.

Бесплатная-доставка-до-терминала-ТК_новый размер   The delivery is paid separately. For transportation you will need a eurowaggon or a 40-ton container.

22-гарантия-год_новый размер   The warranty for the line is 12 months at 24-hours work


Additional information on foam plastic reinforcement line
1. Room required from 150 m2 with 2.5 meters height, heated
2. Minimum room temperature required +18 C
3. Staff required  2 people
4. Connection voltage, Line power 220 volts, under 10 kw
5. Sewerage  optional

Set includes:

The machine FRP-10 is meant for cutting foam plastic in three dimensions. The machinery is professional i.e. it is composed of special accessories, the machine is universal. It can be used (with additional components) to cut an element of any shape desired in 2d or 3d format. The machine can be used by constructional companies to façade elements of foam plastic, by advertising and any other companies to cutting items of foam plastic. The cutting is performed by thermal mode with a Nichrome thread. The Nichrome thread diameter can vary from 0,3 to 1 mm.  

The advantages of the FRP-10 machine:

  • Large working area
  • Belt drive
  • Separated gantries, opportunity to cut with the gantries asynchronously (can cut a cone)
  • Six engines are used for moving X and Y gantries
  • Professional cutting thread tensioners
  • A Rotary board
  • A lathe device
  • A milling cutter

The machine can be used for cutting letters of any configuration, decorative element for different events, souvenir items, logos, banners and any constructional items, planed profiles, pillars, banisters, arches etc. The figure cutting machine is controlled by a computer. Our software is copyright. It is different from other manufacturers’ software. The software is supplied with the machinery. If you face any difficulties working with our machine, we will assist you in the shortest possible time for free.

The control board of the machine FRP-10 consists of two boards – the heating board and the stepper motors control board. You will not need to by a special transformer for the shape cutting machine. The cutting thread control is performed within 0-100 per cent with an increment of 1 per cent.

The delivery set of the shape cutting machine FRP-10 for foam plastic

  1. The machine FRP-10.
  2. The control board for the machine
  3. The laptop with the software installed
  4. Nichrome thread – 300 gr (approximately 200m)
  5. The rotary board
  6. The lathe device
  7. The milling cutter.
  8. The machine’s certificate (passport)

 Specifications of the shape cutting machine FRP-10 for foam plastic


Power consumption

under 5 kw\hour

Supply voltage


Number of cutting threads

up to 5 items

Working area for 2D cutting LхWхH

2100 х 1100 х 1500 mm

Working area for 3D cutting LхWхH

1000 х 1000 х 1000 mm

Cutting thread length


Cutting speed

0 – 100mm\sec (average 20mm\sec)

Installed  cutting precision

0.1 mm per 1 m

Actual cutting precision

0,5mm per 1 m

Heating control of cutting threads  

0 - 100% with increment of 1%

Assembled machine size  LхWхH (max.)

2600 х 1800 х 2100мм

Machine’s weight

under 100 kilos


1 person

Warranty for the foam plastic cutting machine - 1 year







The machine FRAP-03 is meant for producing any kinds of round-shaped (cylinder) goods with one passage of the cutting wire and simultaneous goods reinforcement (flowerpots, pillars, banisters, etc). Such combination enables to reduce the production time of shaped foam plastic goods and improves to quality due to no need in centering an item on a different machine. The machine rotates mechanically.

The machine is a frame construction. The frame has a movable backrest, a geared motor, a lift-up frame for the reinforcement matrix, a  control board, a lift-up handle with an axle for fixing a cutting thread (shaped) and a straight end thread (for blanks cutting). The backrest has a 30 mm  rod holder with the capacity of length setting from 0 to 200 mm. The rod has a spiked collar. The collar is removable. The counter piece of the holder is set on the geared motor. It also has a spiked collar and a central cone of 30 mm diameter. Such construction enables to fix any kind of black easily and firmly – either with an axial hole or without it.

The control board performs the following functions:

  • Motor start/stop
  • Rotation speed control
  • Blank movement direction control
  • Thread heating control
  • Start/stop of the thread heating
  • Emergency STOP


The back frame of the machine can change the height and has a lift-up device for a matrix. The frame is fixed in a necessary position by the holders. The reinforcing agent is supplied manually. When a blank is fixed in the machine, the reinforcement gap is set. Reinforcing agent for foam plastic (plaster) is supplied to the matrix and a blank while rotating is being covered with the reinforcing layer of a necessary thickness.

The delivery set of the machine FRAP-03

  1. The machine FRAP-03
  2. The control board for the machine
  3. The Certificate for the machine (passport)

Specifications of the machine FRAP-03


Name of the machine


Working area  length and diameter



not less than 20 items per hour

Electric power (мах)

3 kw

Supply voltage 



1-2 people

Machine’s size assembled LхWхH                                         


Machine’s  weight

not more than 150 kilos

Warranty for the machine  - 1 year



The machine for foam plastic shape cutting FRP-07 is meant for cutting any of arched profiles and S-elements of foam plastic. Cutting is performed by thermal mode by means of heating a metal wire. Cutting is performed automatically. The machine for foam plastic shape cutting FRP-07 consists of a frame with a wooden cover, two vertical stands – electrode holders, two engines for items broaching, a presser roller and a control board. The frame is a light-weight welded construction of a square-shaped pipe. The cover is made of plywood. The presser roller with one of the electrodes moves in the slides of in the machine cover. The working area can be set from 100 to 800 mm. The height of the working area is restricted by screw-bolts. The range of setting is 100 to 400 mm.

The control board of the machine for foam plastic shape cutting FRP-07 consists of a board for heating control, a control handle, a heating control lamp, an on/off heating button and a handle for broaching speed control. The control board is equipped with a powerful transformer, which ensures the required heating of the cutting thread. No additional transformers are required.

The delivery set of the machine for foam plastic shape cutting FRP-07

  1. The machine for foam plastic shape cutting FRP-07 asembled
  2. The control board
  3. Metal wire (2meters)
  4. The machine’s certificate (passport)

Specifications of machine for foam plastic shape cutting FRP-07

Power consumption

 up to 3 kw

Supply voltage


Maximum arch radius 


Minimum arch radius


Working area width

800 mm

Working area height

400 mm

Broaching speed


The machine’s size LхWхH                


The machine’s weight

not more than 70 kilos


1 person

Warranty for the machine – 1 year


The machine SAP -04 is meant for infliction of a reinforcing layer of elastic plaster on foam plastic items – plinth, molding, cornice etc.

The machine consists of two parts:

1 Part 1. A board for loading and broaching. The board is a metal framework with two shafts with a special vinyl band stretched on them. A geared motor is set by the machine’s side. The shafts are driven by the chain belt. The speed is controlled by a frequency converter. The presser rollers are fixed above the band. Broaching height and width is controlled. The machine’s hopper has two removable walls – matrixes (not included into the delivery set). These side walls are movable which allows reducing the working area width to the size required. The matrix is fixed to the hopper by screw-clamps. For collecting redundant plaster a technological tray is put by the side of the hopper.


Part 2. A receiving board. It is meant for receiving produced items. The board is equipped with rollers.

The delivery set for the machine SAP - 04:

  1. The machine SAP-04 unassembled
  2. The control board
  3. The machine certificate (passport)

Specifications of the machine SAP - 04

Working area WхH

0-1000 х 600 mm


up to 12 m\min

Number of rollers 


Hopper volume

0-50 littres

Engine power

1,1 kw

Supply voltage 



  3 people

Size of the machine assembled LхWхH      

3500 х 1150 (750) х 1500mm



Warranty for the machine – 1 year


The сrusher is designed for reducing polystyrene and rubber foam waste, which is formed through cutting the polystyrene foam block. Polystyrene and rubber foam waste crusher Д-05 consists of metal case, electric motor with the shaft and two blades mounted on the shaft, four reverse blades mounted on the crusher’s case, removable caliber grid. Д-05 waste crusher provides crushing of polystyrene and rubber foam up to 200x200 mm in section. Crusher allows reducing all grades of polystyrene and rubber foam in accordance with GOST. Performance is slightly reduced when high density polystyrene foam crushing. Material that must be crushed is fed from above through the limiters. Spinning shaft with crushing knives breaks a fragment of foam into small pieces through the reverse knives. The crushing range depends on the caliber of the grid cell. Fragmented piece continues crushing until it passes through the grid. To change the crushing range it’s necessary to replace the caliber grid. Basic crusher model is delivered with 15x20 mm cell size grid.

Regular work of crusher is possible without pneumatic conveyor’s exhaust fan. But for comfort work in the production of polystyrene foam, we recommend to buy pneumatic conveyor. Fragmented pieces from the crusher are exhausted by the fan, which then delivers them to settling tank, where they are mixed with the raw material. Remarkable features of our polystyrene and rubber foam waste crusher Д-05 are simplicity of design, easy in maintenance, reliability of assembly and components. Д-05 crusher is available in assembled form. All you have to do for starting work is to connect the crusher to the power source. Installation process of the crusher should be carried out under the supervision of our technologist.

Supply package of Д-05 crusher includes:

  1. Polystyrene waste crusher Д-05
  2. Crusher datasheet

Supply package of polystyrene waste crusher Д-05 does not include the pneumatic conveyor.


Д-05 crusher specification

Power consumption

5 kWh

Supply voltage



1-5 m3 / hour 

LxWxH dimensions

1500х400х1000 mm


up to 100 kg

Maintenance personnel

1 person

The following components were used in the manufacture of polystyrene waste crusher Д-05:

  1. Stand material – 3PS carbon steel, type 20 (Russia)
  2. Stand paint - HAMMERITE (England)
  3. Bearings - KG INTERNATIONAL (UAE)
  4. Motors - VEMZ (Russia)
  5. ПМЛ starter (Ukraine)


Warranty – 1 year.

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