Concrete plystyrene

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The set includes all necessary devices and materials for montage (wires, pipes, fittings), The montage is supervised by our engineer. You will additionally need two welders, two electricians, two hodmen,  a forwarder and future staff as they will be taught working with the machinery by our engineer. Engineer’s service is included into the equipment price. The travel allowance, tickets and accommodation are paid separately. For more information, please, contact us.

8-производительность-кубы_новый размер   Line productvity - up to 24 m3 of concrete polystyrene per 8 hours.

18-срок-комплектации-4_новый размер   The line is produced within 30 calendar days. The prepay is 35 %.

21-требуется-шеф-монтаж_новый размер    Erection supervision is mandatory. The cost is included into the set price. The period of montage is 3-5 days.

Бесплатная-доставка-до-терминала-ТК_новый размер   The delivery is paid separately. For transportation you will need a eurowaggon or a 20-ton container.

22-гарантия-год_новый размер   The warranty for the line is 12 months at 24-hours work


Additional information on the permanent formwork line
1. Room required from 130 m2 with 3 meters height, heated
2. Minimum room temperature required +15 C
3. Staff required  2 people
4. Connection voltage, Line power 380 volts, under 20  kw
5. Water consumption under 2000 per 8 hours
6. You will need to produce a frame of the maturing hopper for the room area
7. Sewerage   optional 

Set includes:

Mixing machine SPP-250 is a circular blade mortar-concrete mixer for the preparation of foam concrete, polystyrene concrete, ordinary concrete (light and heavy), plasters and any dry mixes. The mixing machine consists of a frame, mixing drum, gear motor, starting equipment. The blades are arranged on a horizontal shaft inside the mixing drum. Charging of the mixing machine is carried out from the top, discharge – from the bottom - through discharge opening. Mixing machine SPP-250 comes fully assembled. All that is required to get started - to connect the mixer to the power supply.

Routine maintenance of mixing machine for polystyrene concrete and foam concrete includes the following:

- daily cleaning of working chamber of the mixing machine

- lubrication of bearings once a week

Mixing machine supply package:

  1. Mixing machine SPP - 250
  2. Mixing machine certificate

Specifications of mortar mixing machine SPP - 200 

Chamber volume

250 l

Volume of finished batch

200 l

Time for preparation of one batch 

 45 - 90 sec


3 kW

Supply mains

380 V

Weight, not more than, kg


Dimensions (Length X Width X Height)

1750 х 810 х 880 mm

Operating staff

1 person

Warranty period for mixing machine is 1 year.

Gerotor (screw) mortar pump NG - 420 is designed to supply (pumping) of foam concrete, polystyrene concrete, as well as any plasters and heavy concrete. The size of the solid particles in the pumped mortar should not be more than 5 mm. The size of polystyrene pellets - not more than 10 mm. The pump can be operated at any construction sites. Gerotor pump is self-priming positive displacement pump. Working part of the pump is a gerotor pair consisting of an elastic stator and a screw rotor.

Routine maintenance of gerotor pump for polystyrene concrete and foam concrete includes the following:
- daily cleaning of working chamber of the gerotor pump

- lubrication of bearings once a week

Gerotor pump supply package:
1. Gerotor pump NG - 420 
2. Gerotor pump certificate

Specifications of gerotor pumps:

Capacity of water (liquid mortar) 

 4 m3\hour

Capacity of polystyrene concrete (foam concrete) 


Volume of charging hopper                        

 200 L


20 kg\cm2

Pumping distance 

up to 70 m

Pumping head 

up to 30 m

Diameter of feeding pipe 

50 mm

Supply voltage

380 V

Installed electric power

3 kW

Pump dimensions 

1874 х 716 х 795 mm


not more than 100 kg

Operating staff 

1 person

Warranty period for pump is 1 year


Prefoaming device is designed for primary (single or multiple) processing of raw material in the production of foam plastic or polystyrene concrete. This process is called prefoaming. Prefoaming process is as follows: primary granulated material falling into the prefoaming device, under the action of diffusing saturated steam, increases in size up to 50 times. Steam temperature inside the prefoaming device ranges from 90 to 120 degrees. Prefoaming device PN-04 consists of working chamber, bed, feed screw, central shaft, draw die, discharge chute, access cover, discharge hopper, steam generator, pump. Prefoaming device PN-04 comes fully assembled. 

Routine maintenance of prefoaming device PN-04:
- daily cleaning of working chamber of prefoaming device
- daily control of steam outlet holes
- lubrication of bearings once a week

Prefoaming device supply package:
1. Prefoaming device PN-04 

  1. Prefoaming device certificate
  2. Receiving bin
  3. Pressure-pneumatic system

Specifications of the prefoaming device PN-04:

Power input

not more than 17 kW

Supply voltage

380 V

Volume of working chamber

300 L

Volume of charging hopper

60 L


up to 6 m3 per hour

Dimensions (Length X Width X Height)

1200 х700 х 1900 mm

Weight of prefoaming device

not more than 100 kg

Operating staff

1 person

Warranty period for prefoaming device is 1 year.

Liner bag No.1 for EPS storing bin at production of polystyrene foam consists of 11 breaker fabric strips with width of 100 cm and length of 5.5 m. Maximum volume of EPS storing bin, where the liner bag can be stretched, is 30 m3. Recommended volume of bin for standard bag is 25 m3. The bag is a sleeve made out of several fabric pieces. Breaker fabric is cotton, technical, unbleached plain weave fabric. Breaker fabric is used for the production of rubber-fabric hoses. 



Warranty period for storing bin bag is 1 year.

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